What Is NGOgo

Transparency. Trust. Accountability

When you donate your money, you want to make sure the right person gets it at the right time! NGOgo aims to make giving not only honest but an investment towards a better Pakistan

NGOgo, incubated at National Incubation Center Karachi's 5th Cohort, is a Social Enterprise that aims to convert donating from being a chore and a religious duty to a measurable conscious choice so every rupee of your hard earned money goes to the right people when they need it the most. You can use NGOgo to:
- Find Non-Profits To Support
- Track Your Donations & Volunteering (Money, Hours an In-Kind Giveaways)
- Find Jobs in the Non-Profit Sector
- Display Your Donations On Your Corporate Website

Our aim is to create a culture of giving in our communities where people know the causes and Non-profits around them and build ties in their neighborhoods, find causes that matter to them and donate to causes that really need their small rupee donations!

If you know of any Social Enterprise, NGO, Corporation or Foundation that would love what we're doing then please ask them to Register online for FREE or reach out to me at burhan@NGOgo.co!

We hope you love what we're doing and will be along with us on our journey!

Burhan Allah Saiyed

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