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Companies that do CSR do so as a sense of giving back! Making CSR difficult and hard to fulfill is a task that creates hurdles for companies to give openly and generously! NGOgo helps make your job easier! When you need to find, vet and transfer funds to an NGO, NGOgo will be there to help you! NGOgo is an all-in-one tool that makes CSR both fun and measurable! You think of your company’s goals and we’ll help you find causes and NGOs that are best suited to receive your funds!

Sign Up for a Free 3 Month Trial Today! We’ll help transfer your data and train your team ALL FREE OF COST! Other benefits of using NGOgo include:

How It Works?


Track & Manage CSR Budget

Your one-stop database to view, review and document CSR! We help you manage your funds and ensure you receive images, stories and videos as per your needs for reporting!


Web Integrations

Say goodbye to boring CSR pages! Use our interactive tool to display where and how your company has donated to share your company’s commitment to social causes!


Secure & Confidential Data

Your data is precious to us and we will never share it with anyone! You can be confident storing your videos, images and data on NGOgo as we will never sell it forward or display it without your permission!


Impact Investment

Make sure your donation is giving you the best exposure and serves the most people! We will report on your donations at the end of the year and the impact it’s had in society so you can share it in your annual reporting with your shareholders!


CSR Department in 1!

Reduce the workload on your employees and make CSR as easy as a click of the button! Your workers will work more efficiently as all your procedural tasks will be handled through one platform saving them time from calling and chasing NGOs for information and reporting!

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We salute these organizations that are providing transparency for their CSR and supporting Impact Investment in Pakistan!